France Preview: Conquering the Euro Skim Tour Trophy

Oct 10, 2023 | Championships, France Contest

The upcoming weekend in France, the heart of Europe, the continent’s most skilled skimboard athletes will gear up for the thrilling Euro Skim Tour Championship last stop, a competition that spans across Portugal, Spain, and France. This adrenaline-fueled event promises fierce competition, diverse waves, and a chance for one skilled skimboard champion to be crowned the ultimate Euro Skim Tour champion.

This week, the grand finale unfolds in Le Tranche sur mer, France, known for its liner-style waves. Here, riders showcase their prowess on the waves, aiming to secure their victory. To know more about the organization of the championship, click here.

The Trophy

The Euro Skim Tour Trophy is a symbol of triumph and dedication, embodying the spirit of the Euro Skim Tour. Crafted with meticulous detail, the trophy features a distinctive shore break design, capturing the essence of the sport of skimboarding.

At its core, the trophy showcases three powerful waves, each intricately carved to perfection. These waves are not just ordinary designs; they hold a profound significance, representing the three key stops of the Euro Skim Tour: Portugal, France, and Spain. Each wave symbolizes the challenges and victories faced by the competitors at these locations, immortalizing the journey of the athletes across these diverse coastal landscapes.

The Euro Skim Tour Trophy is not just a trophy; it’s a historical artifact. It represents the inaugural Euro Skim Tour, making it the first-ever trophy in the tour’s history. This trophy stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit of the competitors, commemorating the achievement of the first-ever Euro Skim Tour champion across the three main divisions: Open Men, Open Women, and Sub 18. Besides the three main divisions, the Best European will be crowned as the continent best skimmer of the Tour.

The significance of the number three resonates deeply in the design of the trophy. It signifies the unity of three waves, three countries, and three divisions. It encapsulates the essence of the Euro Skim Tour — the diversity, the challenges, and the unyielding determination of the athletes. As the first champion raises this trophy, they don’t just hold a piece of metal; they hold the collective spirit of the Euro Skim Tour, making this trophy a true symbol of accomplishment and excellence in the world of skimboarding.