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France Preview: Conquering the EST Trophy

Le Tranche sur mer is the scenario of the last Euro Skim Tour stop, where riders will struggle to conquer the EST Trophy. It stands as the inaugural trophy, marking the first-ever Euro Skim Tour champion across Open Men, Open Women, and Sub 18 divisions. This historic artifact embodies the unity of three waves, three countries, and three divisions, representing the diversity and determination of skimboarding athletes.

Round 2

September 9 – 10th, 2023: Faro de Trafalgar, Cádiz, Spain.


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France Preview: Conquering the Euro Skim Tour Trophy

France Preview: Conquering the Euro Skim Tour Trophy

The upcoming weekend in France, the heart of Europe, the continent's most skilled skimboard athletes will gear up for the thrilling Euro Skim Tour Championship last stop, a competition that spans across Portugal, Spain, and France. This adrenaline-fueled event...

Lucas Fink and Pipa Pinto win in Spain

Lucas Fink and Pipa Pinto win in Spain

The iconic Faro de Trafalgar beach was the setting for the 7th INTrafalgar Skim Contest in 2023, an international event that shared the stage with the Spanish Championship. This remarkable location provided the perfect backdrop for a competition that showcased a sport...


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