Internacional de Skimboard 2023 Marks the First Stop of the Euro Skim Tour

Ago 2, 2023 | Championships, Portugal Contest

Santa Cruz, Portugal – July 29-30, 2023

The Portuguese Stop marked the first leg of the Euro Skim Tour, a prestigious series of three championships traveling to Portugal, crossing Spain and landing on France as the final contest, that will determine the ultimate champion of European skimboarding.

In a thrilling spectacle of athleticism and wave-riding finesse, the 2023 International de Skimboard unfolded on the sun-kissed shores of Santa Cruz Beach, Portugal. Hosted within the dynamic framework of the Ocean Spirit Festival, this year’s championship proved to be an unforgettable event, leaving spectators in awe of the incredible talent displayed by the world’s top skimboarders.

MEN Open: Lucas Fink Reigns Supreme

In the highly competitive Men Open category, Brazilian Lucas Fink emerged as the undisputed champion. Fink’s mesmerizing skills and unmatched control on the waves secured him the top spot, showcasing the prowess that makes him a force to be reckoned with in the skimboarding world. Spain’s Ale Montañes and Juanlu González claimed the second and third positions, respectively, demonstrating exceptional talent and determination. Portugal’s Ricardo Dias and Hugo Santos also earned their places in the top five, representing the host country with pride and skill.

WOMEN Open: Kika Freire Dominates the Waves

Portugal’s Kika Freire proved her mettle in the Women Open category, clinching the championship title with grace and precision. Freire’s remarkable performance left spectators in awe as she outshone her competitors with style and skill. Portugal’s Pipa Pinto secured the second position, followed by USA’s Rylea Sinex in third place. Spain’s Eva Ureña and Xoxe Conde showcased their talent and determination, claiming the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

Sub 18 Category: Ale Montañes and Nico Morales Lead the Pack

In the fiercely contested Sub 18 category, Spain’s Ale Montañes showcased exceptional talent once again, securing the top position and proving that the future of skimboarding is in capable hands. Montañes was closely followed by compatriot Nico Morales, whose skill and determination earned him the second spot. Portugal’s Vicente Mata, Simao Pedro Nunes, and USA’s Sammy DiEmidio rounded off the top five, displaying promising potential in the sport.

The 2023 International Skimboarding Championship at Santa Cruz Beach, Portugal, will be remembered as a celebration of talent, dedication, and the unyielding spirit of competition. With champions like Lucas Fink, Kika Freire, and Ale Montañes leading the way, the skimboarding community looks towards the future with excitement and anticipation. As the waves settle and the cheers fade, the legacy of this championship and the Euro Skim Tour will continue to inspire generations of skimboarders, encouraging them to push their limits and ride the waves of excellence.