Lucas Fink and Pipa Pinto win in Spain

Sep 15, 2023 | Championships, Spain Contest

The iconic Faro de Trafalgar beach was the setting for the 7th INTrafalgar Skim Contest in 2023, an international event that shared the stage with the Spanish Championship. This remarkable location provided the perfect backdrop for a competition that showcased a sport gaining increasing popularity in Spain.

Cádiz, a stronghold for this sport in Spain, firmly establishes the presence of Skimboarding on the national stage. The level of skill and dedication in the international skimboarding community continues to rise, as evidenced during the Championship weekend.

In a favorable wave and weather conditions, the top international skimboarders put on an impressive show on the Andalusian coast. Pipa Pinto claimed the title in the women’s category, while Lucas Fink secured victory in the men’s category. In the sub-18 category, local surfer Alejandro Montañés emerged victorious.

INTrafalgar Dogflut 2023 Women’s Division
  1. Pipa Pinto
  2. Eva Ureña
  3. Annabelle Bianchi
  4. Kika Freire
INTrafalgar Dogflut 2023 Men’s Division
  1. Lucas Fink
  2. Juanlu González
  3. Javi Sola
  4. Miguel Braz
    INTrafalgar Dogflut 2023 Sub-14 Division
    1. Nacho Parames
    2. Miguel Sao Pedro
    3. Jorge Peña
    4. David Perez
    INTrafalgar Dogflut 2023 Sub-18 Division
    1. Alejandro Montañés
    2. Nico Morales
    3. Gonzalo Caro
    4. Enrique Perez
    INTrafalgar Dogflut 2023 Masters Division
    1. Filipe Macedo
    2. Janovi Rodenas
    3. Fernando Silva
    4. José Soler